Business Areas


Safety Systems

Geobrugg’s high-tensile steel wire nets and services monitor and protect against natural hazards, ensure safety in mining, on motor sports tracks, in industry and test facilities.

Heavy Duty Steel Wire Ropes

Fatzer is the world market leader in the production of steel wire ropes for cable cars and structural applications such as stadium roofs, road bridges and facades.

Process Control

Rittmeyer offers complete control-system and automation solutions for electricity, water and gas supplies.

Electrical cables for eMobility and industrial applications

BRUGG eConnect develops and manufactures cables and connectors that are resistant to hydrolysis, microbes, uv and ozone.

Elevator- and Structural Ropes, Lifting Gear

BRUGG Lifting is one of the leading manufacturers of elevator ropes, architectural ropes, wire ropes and lashing & lifting gear.

Pipesystem for District Heating and Tank Plants

BRUGG Pipes specialises in producing and selling pipe systems for transporting liquids, gases and heat safely and efficiently on a global scale.

Office and commercial real estate

BRUGG Immobilien AG owns a real estate portfolio that is rented to operating group companies or third parties and is continuously developed and optimised.